What the Woof? and “Friends” of Shear PAWfection

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Sydney Dogs and Cats Home

Shear PAWfection is proud to announce that we are now the chosen groomers for some of the stray dogs that are looking for a new home at Sydney Dogs and Cat home Princes Highway Carlton. Some of these pups need cleaning up and made comfortable so they are looking their best, that’s where we come in..

If your looking for another dog for either yourself or for an elderly person, why not adopt a dog that needs loving, they may be the ideal addition to your family, that your looking for.

Puppies are a lot of work, maybe a more mature dog would be more suitable, so before you choose to get a pup go check them out…or check out their facebook site for newest adoptions.


petcreNeed something new for your pup, and want to save $$$$ pop into your nearest Petcare 2000 warehouse with guaranteed lowest prices on stocked items. If you come to get your pup’s hair cut with us, you can pop down stairs while your waiting and buy them something nice.

Our friends at Petcare 2000 are always welcoming, full of great advice and are always happy to point you in the right direction to ensure perfect health for all your animals.

This awesome Warehouse is completely Aussie owned, and staffed by lovely people who know what they are talking about, tell them “Shear PAWfection dog grooming”  sent you!!!


Heads up…

Please be aware that traveling to our salon you must have your dog harnessed and in a seat belted position as per the NSW RTA ruling as if you do get pulled over and your puppy is not secured correctly you will be fined and you will loose points off your license. Be aware some customers have already been fined, besides its safer for you and your furry family member.

Ever Notice how Dogs seems to Know when a Thunderstorm is eminent?

How crazy dogs are when thunder cracks or when fireworks go off, dogs seem to hate the sound?
So many dogs get loose and decide to try and find you even when they have no idea where you are. This is where having your dog micro chipped and having a good collar on them with some kind of identity tag comes in handy. Its also a Sutherland council regulation to have both, micro chip and collar on your dog, so don’t get caught out.

Also a product on the market “Thunder Shirt” apparently a few of our customers are getting wonderful results from these so check them out, you can buy them at “Petcare 2000”

In the last few months we have had quite a few dogs come in with irritated skin

The cause of this, customers had found wondering jew / wondering sailor (Tradescantia fluminensis) in their back yards. This waxy looking weed proliferates in hot wet weather, so its no miracle of nature that it has taken hold.

This noxious weed is so easily spread, just one small broken piece can become a huge plant in a matter of weeks. It’s very common in NSW coastal areas, and the sap that it emits when broken is like itching powder to dogs. Eradication, is unfortunately a slow process of pulling out by hand, (Round up- Glyphosate does not work on this weed) or where its very thick you can roll it up like carpet, but removal is a must for small short legged dogs. Usually your pup will have a rash on their tummy if they are short, or around their bottom and tail, if they are taller, you will know they are irritated by incessant scratching. A warm bath in quality Oatmeal shampoo will ease the itching but if not see your vet and get rid of this weed.

Wondering jew or wondering sailor (Tradescantia fluminensis)

My Vulky and Tee

Ph. 9525 2922
Mob. 0420 433 39
DOGWASH OPEN 7 DAYS 9am-4pm         
Conveniently located in the “Petcare 2000” buillding
240 Taren Point Rd, Caringbah, Sutherland Shire, NSW 2229Grooming and Clipping by appointment only Mon- Sat 9am-4pm