7 day “We wash-Dog wash”

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Come and Get the “WOOF” out of your woofer…from the small, to the tall

$25 and “we” do all the work…

*Closed some LONG weekends, See Our “Facebook”  page for these dates

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*Please Note : We care for your Pups continual good health, so your pup MUST be minimal 16 weeks and have had all three sets of immunity shots from your vet, before we will wash your pup in our Hydro-bath.

Some friendly Puppy advice, a pup should not leave your home or be socialize with other dogs till after this 16 week period, or you may be putting your pup at risk of catching a serious illness, which may be fatal.

Don’t pay to do it yourself 

For $25 we do it for you…

Our 7 day* “$25 We wash-Dog Wash” is located below our salon.
Your dog is washed in clean fresh water in our heated Hydro-bath, using a salon quality ph balanced professional dog shampoo, then rinsed in clean fresh water and blow dried for 5 mins, then deodorized.

If your dog has sensitive or problem skin, which needs a medicated or gentle oatmeal shampoo, feel free to bring it along or alternatively you can purchase it from “Petcare 2000” located in the same building .

Just inform us before we fill your bath and we will be Happy to use it.

Extras include:
Flea rinse……………………….$5
5 min extra blow dry …………..$5
Nail clipping  …………………..$10
Ears cleaned …………………..$5



                                     We Wash  Dog Wash                                        

OPEN 7 Days*

          * (closed some public holidays so call if your not sure)                                                         

9am till 4pm

  No Appointment Required

  Operates on a first in, first served basis.


So don’t leave your spot in the queue, as you may have a short wait, but it will be worth it..woof




Recommended Grooming / Clipping Routine

Got a new puppy?

For  pups that shed hair and even for those that don’t, should begin their clipping routine after 5 months of age, as before 5 months they don’t know basic commands like “sit, stay and no”. For this experience to be a happy one it helps if they know these commands, before this age their attention span is very short.

Also in the 5 months your puppy hair has time to grow into a strong growth ready for trimming.

Before this, as long as they have had their full set of immunisation needles (16 weeks old) bring them along to our $25 Dog wash to get used to the hydro bath and blow drying.

We recommend their first grooming experience to be a “Tidy up” because to a pup all the new smells sounds and surroundings can be a little scary. So with a Tidy up your pup receives a Bath, blow dry, then the fur on their face, feet and bottom scissored, nails cut and ears cleaned. The length of the body fur is not touched this time.

This prepares, and gets them used to the salon and the routine, remember first visit to a salon can be quite scary for a young pup.

Then in 3-4 weeks they return for a full clip, which includes all of the above with addition to that, they have their body fur clipped to your desired length.

After the first haircut or more advanced Dogs

The routine we recommend is, they return every 6-8 weeks for a “Tidy up” then in 6-8 weeks another “Full clip”, so on and so on.

The more regular your dog visits our salon the quicker they learn to love the experience and the better they behave, which makes it an almost stress free  procedure.

Regular visits also help to keep your dog knot free and most importantly, keeps your best friend looking and smelling great.


Do you want a longer style cut?

The length of your dogs coat is dependant on the length of the shortest knot to their body, as clipping shears can only go under knots and not through them, so if you like a longer style cut, brush that coat.


Badly Knotted DOGs

Badly knotted dogs are in pain when they move, imagine, having a a child with an “over tightened” pigtail, holding onto it, then asking her to move. OUCH ,,, Not Good.

Unfortunately, badly knotted dogs also stand a chance of being cut when their fur is being removed, so try not to let them get into this condition before getting them to a trained experienced groomer. There is an additional charge for this fur removal as it takes longer to ensure your dog doesn’t suffer during removal.



No Appointment Required, first in first served.


Conveniently located in the

“Petcare 2000” buillding
240 Taren Point Rd, Caringbah, Sutherland Shire, 2229   

Grooming and Clipping by appointment ONLY