Our commitment to you

“The ideal clip for your furbaby, at a reasonable price”

Sorry dogs only..

 Our unique completely cageless, open plan dog friendly salon

Ideally situated in the Petcare 2000 Building,

240 Taren Point Rd,

Caringbah in the Sutherland Shire NSW,

so you can shop for your pup, visit the local,warehouse outlets, or wait in our relaxed waiting area while our dog loving staff give your furbaby a makeover.


 “We Wash Dog Wash”

available 7 Days*

Where we do the washing and drying

Open 9am till 4pm

Grooming by appointment only

*(closed on some public holidays see facebook)

Styling, clipping, colouring and grooming in our cageless salon

Open Mon to Sat  9am till 4pm (call for appointment)

Who are we?

A sole trade business, not a franchise, and completely Australian owned and operated. Yes, in the United States there is another salon that shares the same name, but we are in no way affiliated, or connected in any way. Be assured we are the ONLY Shear PAWfection down under.

You can wait in our relaxed Waiting Area

 Fact: Most dog salons have Cages (Holding Cages and Drying Cages)

We don’t have any cages. Our salon was specifically designed to be dog friendly, with a relaxing safe area for dogs to roam while waiting for their grooming to happen or waiting your return. Plus we dry all the dogs by hand with hand held dryers. It’s very distressing for a dog to be left in a drying cage, or put in a holding cage waiting for your return.

Our open Plan salon as “we have nothing to hide”

Fact: Most pups are being held needlessly for hours on end because its a procedure that’s become the “normal” in dog grooming. Dogs get stressed easily when put in confined spaces like cages, they also suffer separation Anxiety when taken away from you all day.

Solution : “Our unique open planned salon”, allows you to see what goes on and that we have nothing to hide. Add hourly turn over of specified appointments, so your pup stays only as long as he needs to stay.

Generally it takes approximately one hour to wash and clip a small dog. (eg : maltese, shih tzu ) If you like, you can stay and wait in our relaxed waiting area, like you would, when at the hairdressers.

Fact : Most dogs hate being in “dog crowds”, imagine being in a crowded train with people yelling all day, well, most parlors keep dogs all day, barking, crying and howling, for a sensitive Dog this is very scary.

Solution : We operate to hourly appointments,so generally we have a maximum of 3-4 dogs in at any one time so this type of stress never happens.

Fact : It’s rumoured that some grooming salons use sedation on dogs which assists in calming dogs before they are clipped.

Solution : Be assured we NEVER sedate dogs and no grooming salon should ever use sedation. If necessary, this technique in calming dogs should always be left to a qualified Vet before you turn up and should never administered by a salon.

We use always use , LOVE, kind words and cuddles to relax dogs during a clip, sometimes in between a little ADAPTIL (a completely safe synthesised pheromone this can be purchased at PETCARE and is great for anxious furbabies), may be needed but in the very rare occasions and if this doesn’t succeed then your dog is returned to you, for you to explore an alternative. 


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Appointment based = shorter stay plus less dogs  = Less separation anxiety far less Stress

Less stress and anxiety = A happier furbaby

Plus it’s done at a very competitive price $$ so your dog can be comfortable

and look great all year long 

For the one of the best grooming experience your furbaby could have in the Shire, come to Shear PAWfection..

Which will leave you with a Smile on your face, and your baby with a wagging tail

because he will notice the difference….